Modification Suzuki Jimny SJ410V Racing

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Modification Suzuki Jimny SJ410V wallpaper

Suzuki Jimny SJ410V - Machine into the first part is touched on this modification. This engine overhaul and re-balance, do not miss the compression is raised to sharpen performance. And to beautify the appearance, valve cover was coated with chrome.
Congenital original 4 speed gearbox stripped, 5 speed gearbox instead of the SJ410 Katana paired stolen goods. With this new engine, load can be reduced can be obtained at the same time a better maximum speed. These device's transferase collaborated with two original built vehicle acceleration.

Suzuki Jimny SJ410V Back lampSuzuki Jimny SJ410V velg racing

While still maintaining the original congenital axle, but this part has been reconditioned and can be said to be 95% as a new condition. 4777 Final gear: one was named conductor of the final power to the wheels. SJ410 original suspension is maintained, while still relying sokbreaker Kayaba front while the rear adopted sokbreaker alerts Fox Racing.
Legendary metal rim Canada L-Star chrome plated synergized with tires BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2. Although it classified as a MT tire, but the sound generated by the tire is almost nonexistent. Tires are usually booming voice barely audible.

Suzuki Jimny SJ410V Lamp HID

Jimny plastic dashboard donations from 85 years to shift the dash original cans. Not only, it makes it more fresh interior jeep, but also appears more modern. To make it look more presentable and then dash donor rehearsal of this 88-year era Jimny repainted with special paint and upholstery plastic repacked with semi-leather materials. The most striking scenery coming from a Japanese stir Jimny JA11 stolen goods.

Suzuki Jimny SJ410V Over fenderSuzuki Jimny SJ410V Interior

Jimny Japanese-style pair of a mirror and glass back door equipped with defogger become character. The main light-tech HID lamps rely on to break through the fog while a pair of yellow fog lamps were prepared.
Bumper's original default replaced with bumper custom vehicles are also equipped with a tire hanger. And the back is more festive with the presence of a third brake light third brake lamp aka JA11 grant from the canvas-roofed.
Suzuki Samurai Overfender reproduced from 0.9mm plate material. In addition to the attractive appearance of the wheel well splash guard is not a too dirty vehicle body. Regards by Otomodification