Modified Yamaha Scorpio 2005 Street Fighter

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Modified Yamaha Scorpio 2005 Street Fighter

Modified Yamaha Scorpio 2005 Street Fighter - New in the genre or the modification of the re-developing world. This time the builder claims that his work is homage to Streetfighter x-over. We call a street fighters x-over as this baseball again streetlight pure, contaminated with classical and bobber. He further explained that from some of the detail is a very strong impression bobber. We try to make happen in a few details that seem rounded. Not a box or square.

For example, the shape of the tank. That we make a new model using the plate. For tank was positioned above the original order. While the framework has been cut back run out. Increasing the motor spherical shape due to the use of extra-wide rims at the rear. No half, the width has now reached 7 inches. Modified Yamaha Scorpio 2005 Street Fighter

Modified Yamaha Scorpio 2005 Street Fighter Velg

Of course with 200/60-17 tire at the back of the bike look very round. Rim width was deliberately imposed so that the desired bobber concept was to be had. In addition to an unusual size, the rim is also interesting because of the use of custom radius. Radius rod 8mm size and our own, besides the number of rods that stuck in the rim too much baseball.

The black color is matched with a skull motif of fire is made ​​in the tank and fender. Because this is a new concept then becomes the somewhat reasonable length, it took two months to make it like this.

Rim Width Effect
The use of a rim that is so wide and 7 inches in the rear make the arm must be replaced. For that we just created a custom-shaped arm is also different when compared to the standard. To be sure, the rim can be entered. However, there is a slight problem. Because the width was also picked up on the gear shift position is changed, while the owner did not want to change the position of the motor so that the footstep was forced to use a gear transfer system. To use the rear gear ratio to 12-45. While the next 12 -13. We have calculated and the comparison as it has no effect on the traction motor. In addition to this also be more secure. Otomodification - Modified Yamaha Scorpion 2005 Street Fighter.